Even the most basic CRA audit can be stressful and time consuming. Let Jackson CPA guide you through what can sometimes be a confusing or even scary process. We can help you identify and assemble the information required, prepare whatever explanations or defense is necessary and even accompany you to any meetings you may have, ensuring that you never have to face the CRA or its auditor alone.


With thirty years’ experience as a manager in the Audit and Appeals divisions, plus direct involvement with the Policy department of the CRA’s Ottawa headquarters, Jackson CPA is the best option when it comes to choosing an audit professional.

Jackson CPA has decades of experience dealing with auditors, appeals, collections and even appeals to the Tax Court of Canada. Jackson CPA uses this experience to represent our clients in resolving tax disputes as quickly – and positively – as possible. With Jackson CPA your rights as a taxpayer are always respected.


  • Communicating with CRA auditors on your behalf.
  • Facilitating the submission of requested information.
  • CRA interview prep and attendance at all CRA audit meetings with you.
  • Reviewing and responding to auditor’s proposal letters.
  • Preparing additional submissions to secure better outcomes.
  • Filing a Notice of Objection on your behalf if the CRA makes an error assessing your tax returns.
  • Communicating with CRA appeals officers on your behalf.